White Cloud Temple

2/19 line 1, Muxidi stop, exit C1 (walk past capital museum, turn right down Baiyunlu. Cross the canal, take 2nd left down Baiyunguan Jie. Temple on left.)

Cost: Adult Y10, Kids Y5, 120 cm and under = free (I think… they kept our tickets here)

The mosque was a quick visit, so we also visited the White Cloud Temple (also known as Bai Yun Guan). This is a Daoist temple in Beijing. The Temple Fair here was over, but it was still decorated with lanterns and streamers. Beautiful!

We asked (when I say “we,” I mean Becky because she speaks Mandarin and is super handy to take places) why everyone was touching the horse and the answer was that it would bring success quickly. So we all touched the horse statue. Then there were stone carvings of all the Chinese zodiac animals and people were feeling them and leaving coins. We decided you were probably supposed to leave a coin on your zodiac animal for good luck, so that’s what we did… or at least tried to do. It was hard to get the coins to stay.

I LOVE the circle archways! I think this was one of the kids favorite temples to visit because we could purchase “coins” to throw at the drum hanging from the bridge. We’re planning on going back with B.

Leaving, we walked over a river  that had a little power boat driving through sheets of ice to break it up. Everyone was very interested.


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