China Life



A shop called NancyK! The employee didn’t understand when B told them (in Chinese) that my name is Nancy K. I don’t think they knew the name of their store. They just sort of looked at me like he’d told them it was my birthday and all they could do was smile my way. (Joy City Mall, Xidan)

On display in a subway station… it looks like a tissue box shaped like a subway train car.


B and I went on a date to Nanluoguxiang Hutong in order to buy a couple souvenirs I wanted (they only had one in stock) and to get dessert waffles. Couldn’t figure out how to buy the dessert waffles. China. So we had this yummy frozen yogurt instead. I got Oreos, strawberry sauce and kiwis. I think B’s is all mango and coconut. It was delicious which helped make up for the waffle failure, and the dinner near failure. (We went to a second location of a yummy restaurant I’d gone to for lunch with some women from church. The second location only had two of the same menu items as the place I went for lunch. 😦  )


This poster showed up around town during Spring Festival to warn about when you were allowed to set of fireworks.


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