Boy excursions- Day 2


While PS was away, we decided we’d revisit the White Cloud Temple to show it to B. While we were in the area, we could see a pagoda we’d spotted in the distance when we visited the White Cloud Temple without B.

First we had to leave church and eat lunch. We chose a place famous for its colorful dumpling restaurant, Bao Yuan Dumpling, near Zaoying subway stop that some friends have talked about. It was yummy, but a bit frustrating. The wait staff ignored us for a long time and the menu was confusing. Once a waitress did check on us, we learned that a pair of dumplings here means 12… very confusing on the menu. They are sold in sets of 6 and you have to buy two sets. But they used the character for a pair which would have been ridiculously overpriced, Y15-Y22 for 2 dumplings. Once we were sure we had enough money to eat (our kids can eat a lot of dumplings!), we ordered. The food was delicious, the overall experience left something to be desired.


 Sweet and sour pork.
Gu Lao Rou
Or, what we tell Squidgems so he’ll eat this… Chinese chicken nuggets


A type of spring roll.
Notice how I can never get a picture of the food before someone has eaten some of it?
Unfortunately, due do a long wait at the restaurant, and having to travel far and transfer trains, we showed up every where just as they were closing in the early afternoon. 
This is the Tianning Temple Pagoda just south of the White Cloud Temple. 










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