Wangfujing Snack Street


Subway line 1, Wangfujing stop, exit and walk north.

We wanted to check out Wangfujing Snack Street (Donghuamen Snack Night Market) to see crazy stuff like scorpions on a stick. It was worth the visit for the pictures, but I’m not sure any locals actually eat this stuff. Mostly we just saw other tourists taking pictures like we were. The food wasn’t as cheap as other street food, so we just tried a few things that looked like they’d taste good. 

What we ate:

spiral potato on a stick (with tomato aka ketchup)

verdict: consistency of a chip, and messy due to the ketchup 


banana donut thing

verdict: delicious


pineapple rice bowl

verdict: yummy



verdict: always yummy


Tanghulu (candied haw fruit on a stick)

verdict: not as good as we were hoping, kind of weird and mushy


eggroll like things

verdict: hot, and just okay






Then we wandered into a bookstore that had an entire floor of English language books! That took awhile for this book loving family.





Then another bookstore, not at exciting (closer to the subway) but it did have an airplane bedroom set Buddy loved. THEN, we saw the real snack street and the crowds!




Everyone was still hungry so at our subway stop we exited the side where our street food carts are. It was hilarious because the police must have been driving them away. Just as we showed up, they all rode away, returning after a trip around the block. They did this once more before they finally were set up and secure enough to take our orders. Buddy and Little Guy had “hot dogs” on a stick with some spices. B, PS and I had Kao Leng Mian. B got his la (spicy) and PS and I got ours bu la (not spicy). While we waited, I had to dump water on a small fire that ignited one of the times the police had driven away all the street vendors, the kids had their picture taken a bunch, and a random, English speaking Chinese guy gave us a bag of muffins (from a Starbucks type shop) as a thank you for me taking his picture with the kids.




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