Youth Conference in Hong Kong – a guest post by PS


I just had Youth Conference in Hong Kong, and it was SOOOOOOO much fun!

At the transfer to Airport Express, getting ready to leave!
Opening exercises on Friday. I’m in the front row on the left.
A sign at Community Sports, where we were staying. Everyone kept joking that it was the creepiest sign they’d ever seen.


My cousin Pickles gave me a stuffed platypus key chain before I moved, and Bobby Joe came to Hong Kong with me!


We got super cute water bottles and drawstring backpacks.
Outside the temple on Saturday for our Family History class.
The Hong Kong temple! So pretty!


When Will saw this picture, he joked that this is the only church sign that says VISITOR’S WELCOME in China, because every other sign says COME BACK WHEN THE CHINESE BRANCH IS HERE.
(We’re not allowed to talk to Chinese members of the Church.)


Getting ready for the dance!
We went on a walking tour on Sunday, which was annoying in our fancy Church shoes, but we got to see the skyline.


An abandoned fishing pole fishing in Victoria Harbor.


It was so foggy that the tallest building in Hong Kong disappeared!


It is possible that this might be the cutest statue ever!
I love Hong Kong!
I love all the British influence in Hong Kong!
Cars drive on the wrong side of the road! Floor #1 is called the Ground Floor!
(That caused a lot of confusion.)
Piecing a scripture together during The Amazing Race.


My team at the finish line for The Amazing Race.
The table I was at for the Service Project on Sunday.
Team yellow! Also known as the best team! 😉
Silly picture!
The whole entire group of youth from all over China, Hong Kong, and Macao,
Silly picture with everyone!



I loved it so much! We got to do baptisms for the dead in the Hong Kong temple, and we got to make dinner for a bunch of the domestic help in the one branch, and we got to have a dance, and we played The Amazing Race, and went on a walking tour, and we did lots of other fun stuff! We made a WeChat group that everyone from Youth Conference is in, and we’re sending out pictures through it, so I might have more pictures to add to this post later. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! 😀

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