China Life – the western end of line 1

We lived 5 stops from the western end of line 1, and way off in the distance we could see a pagoda on the hill. Before we moved, I wanted to ride to the end of the line and see how close it got. We thought about making a trip to the actual pagoda, but it was one more difficult place to get to without a car/driver and another place that would require great air so we could really see the view toward downtown. So we settled for getting a little bit closer.

We rode to the end of the line so we could say we rode the whole line. It takes a turn, so we rode back a few stops so we could see the straight shot through the middle of Beijing, east to west.

 Looking west.


 Looking east.. you can just barely see the tallest building downtown.



And then some typical Beijing sights…


 to cool off.


 Ice cream. I’d actually never scene this before.

I think this is the only stop sign I ever saw in Beijing.



There’s a fake Disneyland out that way, we walked part of the way home so we could walk past it.





Typical fire extinguishing set up. Axes and buckets.


Cantaloupe on a stick.



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