Our Kitchen

Most Chinese apartments don’t have ovens and if they do, they tend to be teeny, toaster oven-sized.  Ours came with an oven and it’s large microwave-sized which is actually about the size of our oven in our last kitchen in Virginia.

We also have three burners (gas), which, after browsing an appliance store, also seems unusual.  Most stoves look like they only come with two burners.  And most stores have a wide variety of hot plates as well.

Microwave.  And a toaster on top of it.  We have very limited outlets in our kitchen so the cupboard (yes, in the cupboard) above the microwave is where we have to plug in extra appliances (crockpot, rice cooker, toaster, etc.)

Our fridge (on top) and freezer (on bottom). We’ve actually rearranged a little to let more light in that window too.   And water cooler.  When we need water we call a number and say “one.”  The woman says, “okay, bye bye” and within an hour a delivery guy replaces our water jug for 18 Yuan ($3).  The call and say “one” set up was put into place for all the teachers with a certain water company.  Twice though I’ve gotten a person who isn’t in the loop and just hangs up on us so we have to call again later.

Also, no dishwasher, which stinks.  And the water in unsafe coming out of the tap so washing dishes is a long, annoying process.  Luckily we recently found packs of paper plates larger than 10 plates at Sam’s Club.