Some Articles of Interest

An article about the Chinese govt hiding air quality facts in order to look better during APEC.


An article about a black woman drawing attention in Shanghai.


An advice article for Chinese people picking western names:

B teaches a Draco (girl) and a Lavender (girl) and knows of a Hermione.  Among the faculty there is a woman named Cream and a man named Sauce.


An article about heating in China:

(We were worried it would be cold because we knew there was a turn on date and a turn off date for the heat.  It worked out okay because each air conditioning unit we have, one per room, also has a heat function.  We only used those a few times.  Now that the heat is turned on though, it’s too warm at night.)


An article from this week (11/24/14) about Beijing trying to ban smoking. It seems like when we were in Tianjin in early November, they’d just banned smoking there.