Yuyuantan Park and Cherry Blossoms

4/8  line 1, Military Museum stop, exit A or E2, walk north

Cost: adults Y10, kids Y5, under 120 cm = free

It was a nice spring day so we suggested to the WAs that we check out the cherry blossoms that were supposedly blooming at Yuyuantan Park, out towards us.

Top left picture… before entering the park, you walk by the Millenium Monument (I think it houses an art museum of some sort). The Military Museum is also in this area but there were too many buildings blocking a good shot of it. The bottom two pictures are organized dance groups in the park. Because of the cherry blossoms, there was a fair or something of the sort so the park was more crowded than usual and there were various booths set up selling stuff.

Bottom left: Squidgems was avoiding the camera all day so we were
glad he finally joined the other kids for this group shot.

Above picture and this story from PS: I walked over to a tree, snapped a picture of some flowers, and turned to leave. A Chinese guy waved me back over, showed me a patch of flowers that was less wilted, used his hand to block out the sun, and told me the Chinese word for photograph, and motioned for me to take the picture. When I did, he told me “Beautiful!” and left. So, thanks random Chinese guy. It does look beautiful.

We took a boat from the western side of the park back to the middle. It was Y10 per person (Squidgems was free). Apparently our friend S told her little sister, A, who was afraid, that she’d pay her Y100 if the boat capsized. We were quite an attraction. Everyone in our boat was super excited when we got on and people in boats we went by were trying to take our picture.  grin emoticon

Bottom right picture: This adorable little girl toddled over to Squidgems’s scooter and then her dad sort of looked at me like, “can she take it for a spin?” He put her on it and she pushed away with an adorable smile and giggle. Squidgems was very worried.

grin emoticon

Sugar blowing…
These are just the blossoms on our walk home from our subway stop.

Spring in Beijing

And several days where it looked like it was snowing because of poplar seeds blowing around.