Tianjin: Tuesday, Nov. 11 – Part 2

Th main attractions we wanted to see in Tianjin were the Tianjin Tower (for the view) and the Tianjin Eye (for the view and because ferris wheels seem exciting and fun).  We also wanted to do a river cruise at night (for the view) but it was pretty cold so we opted to skip that on this trip.

After the Nanshi Food Mall, we walked across town (not too far) to the Tianjin Eye.  On the way we passed people launching lanterns like in the Disney movie Tangled but we were set on the ferris wheel, so we kept going.

The air wasn’t bad.  I think he was keeping his nose warm.

It was a cold night.  The outside part of the line was only about 25 minutes and then another 15-20 minutes inside.  Once you are in your “car,” it’s a 30 minute trip around the wheel.  Our car was our family plus one young Chinese guy.