Lantern Festival


The last night of the Chinese New Year is the Lantern Festival.  We had a plan to go to a park (Houhai park at the Jishuitan subway stop on line 2) and see lanterns.  We didn’t really see lanterns like I was hoping/expecting, but it was a fun little walk and we saw some fireworks.

B got squid on a stick and the kids and I all tried it.  Little Guy thought it was pretty good.  Princess Sparkley thought it was okay.  Buddy liked the breading.  We also wandered past the Lotus Blue cafe (a Tintin themed bar/cafe I’d read about).

There was a repeat of fireworks explosions similar to that of Chinese New Year’s Eve.  On our walk home from the subway we saw this pile of trash. This is just one corner of the street across from our entrance gate. And this is at 8 or so at night.