Homeschooling in China

There are great international schools here in Beijing and it would be fabulous to send our kids off to school and have them learn Chinese. As it is, I have no idea how expensive that would be (and we’re trying to get ahead of the game money-wise while we are here) and they’d have to ride the overcrowded subway for at least an hour each direction in order to get to school and back. So, we’re still homeschooling them. I don’t think we ever took the international school idea very seriously (unless B’s school had been able to accommodate our students at it). Plus, with homeschooling, we have a lot more freedom with when we travel and what we do with our days. If it’s a nice day and the air is clean, we can hop on the subway and go to the zoo.

We brought a stack of workbooks with us. We got Kindle Fires. Eventually I hope to find a printer so we can print out some of the resources I find online. If we need to down the line, we’ll buy a curriculum for math or language arts.