Mom Field Trip: Fabric Market and BaiRong World Trade Market


The kids have been trying to watch all the Star Wars movies with the W kids. And the moms (B and Ch.A and I) wanted to get together and do some more shopping around town and B can drive and speak Chinese so together with another friend, JD, we embarked on an adventure while the kids watched Star Wars at the W house.

Our first stop was the fabric market. The second stop was a place none of us had been but a friend told me that’s where I could find the little good luck fish I wanted to buy for all our nieces and nephews. It is called BaiRong World Trade Market. I had a business card with an address, so we gave it a try and found it!! It was pretty awesome too.



Tianyi Market

Tianyi 天意市场 Market (near Fuchengmen and Chegongzhuang) is sometimes called the Christmas Market because of the giant Santa statue out front. Really, it’s a wholesale market full of just about anything you can imagine. Princess Sparkley and I rode the bus (if I wasn’t so wimpy about riding our e-bike, this was almost close enough that I could have done that. B and I would have, had he gone with me.). We met a fun couple from church, AM and PG and shopped around the craziness. This was our second time there.


Tianyi Market

2/24 line Chegongzhuang West stop, (head south on Zhanlanguan Rd. until Fuchengmen where you head west until you see the big Santa statue and the market)

My visiting teacher, KD, is a Kennedy Center teacher (through BYU, teaching a a university here in Beijing) with her husband. She had the kids and I over for lunch (homemade pizza and brownies) and took us to a fun market near her. Tianyi Market is a wholesale market that does sell to small buyers. Some foreigners call it the Christmas market because of the giant Santa outside. KD gave the kids each some money and the kids brought their own and everyone got a stuffed animal and Princess Sparkley got new fake glasses.

The kids mostly stuck to the toy floor and especially loved all the knock off “Lego” brands and the realistic looking toy gun shops.