Star Wars -The Force Awakens

B took Princess Sparkley to see the new Star Wars movie the weekend it opened here in China. They deemed it okay for the boys to go see so the next week (1/15), I took Buddy and Little Guy.
And, we found out we’re getting an Old Navy in the mall one subway stop away and a MUJI store.



The “Shmoopy” Movie – a guest post by Princess Sparkley

If it’s a secret that I’m SUPER obsessed with Peanuts, than it’s a really poorly kept secret. I’ve been secretly hoping for a movie since basically the first time I read a Peanuts comic. When my one brother was born and he shared a name with a Peanuts character, my parents told all my grandparents “Don’t worry! No one reads that comic anymore!*” I then promptly became obsessed.

I was worried though, that they would completely butcher the movie. Movies like Home, that are nothing like the book The True Meaning of Smekday I can sort of deal with, but if they ruined Peanuts, then…


The very first time I found out about the movie was when I saw this:

Click it to make it larger.

I kind of sort of freaked out and did a bunch of Google searches to find out more. However, there was nothing more to find out. Well, at least I knew they were making a movie. Then this teaser trailer came out:

And I fell in love. How could you not? Since then, all the trailers have been on replay in my house, and I’ve made a billion Peanuts versions of myself through Peanutize.

This was my profile picture on Facebook for around 2 months. (That’s a REALLY long time for me.)

Of course, IMDB told me it wasn’t coming to China until January, but still, at least I’d get to see it. AND THEN I SAW AN ADD FOR IT IN A MALL SAYING NOVEMBER 6TH! (This may not be a big deal for you, but remember, I currently own five Snoopy shirts. Not counting the ones that got demoted to PJ shirts.) A few more Google searches, and we were going to go see it on Saturday. And then tragedy struck, it wasn’t showing in English anywhere on our side of town!

(Yes, I just made this right now to go with this post.)

Well, a few more Google searches, and we were set to go with our friends the WAs to see it on the other side of town, IN ENGLISH, (very important) on Monday. We were the only people in the theater, so we got to sit wherever we wanted. By the time Schroeder had finished playing the 21st Century Fox music, I was pretty sure that I’d love the movie. And I did. All of my complaints were small things like how Peppermint Patty calls Snoopy a dog at the end of the movie. I liked the happy ending. The last few Peanuts comics always seemed melancholy to me because when it ended Charlie Brown had yet to kick the football, hit a home run, or talk to The Little Red Headed Girl. But this movie had a happy ending that didn’t stray to far from the comic! And I feel all grown up and sophisticated now for talking like that!

You can see James Bond’s face by the words because the screen was in the middle of switching to an add for SPECTER.

Since we went Monday morning, we were the only ones there, so during the credits, M WA and I danced to the closing credits song. A perfect ending!

You can’t really see anything in this picture, but M and I are dancing to the song down there.

*This is probably something along the lines of what they said. I wasn’t there.

N notes: It was super tricky finding a theater showing it in English and it cost twice what the website said it would.