Famous Already

 On the way to our closest grocery store, there is a store called Happy Baby Store (we actually just found this out recently because everything is written in characters).  They have statues out front of the hunter and bear from Boonie Bears as well as some statues of Miffy (a cartoon PS really liked as a toddler).  After a few weeks of living here, Transformers showed up out front.  One day, while walking past a woman stopped me to ask if she could take pictures of the boys interacting with the statues.  She was a reporter for a local pape’s west side section, specifically our neighborhood.  She got my email address to send me copies of the pictures and then emailed me about an interview with me about having four kids in Beijing.  I agreed and a few weeks later she brought me a copy of the article with the picture of the boys and she interviewed me..  Really, it turns out she wanted to write about a working mom with 4 kids but then I informed her I didn’t work and she found out we homeschool our kids so she asked mostly about homeschooling.  She told me she’d mail me a copy after it was published.


 According to Google Translate, which you’ll see isn’t perfect or accurate: Happy Baby Store: Transformers, 5 meters high… and it is waiting for you to play with it. Then, under the picture it says: September 21, no. 40 Fuxing Rd. located on the bottom “happy baby child shop” before put up a five-meter square Ling-shaped diamond “shape, attracted children gathered to watch. Shops told reporters this, Transformers “is the night before the night came from the production factory pull, in order to give parents and children come to shop a surprise. This huge Transformers will be stations in the small square to the end of November. – Text and camera/ reporter, Wen Yan (aka Whitney, who interviewed me)