Pi Day


 Our friends the Hs sent us an invite for a Pi Day pie party! What a great idea!!! We took a pecan pie and a cookie pie. There were also a banoffee pie, a coconut cream pie, an apple pie and more. Plus, our savory pies… a pizza pie and quiche! So delicious and so fun.

 Making the Pi symbol with our hands.

Squidgems Goes to a Party


One of B’s co-workers is a husband and wife with two boys (the oldest is Squidgems’s age) who are both from Hong Kong/Canada. They live in our building and speak English, so we try to be friendly with them, but don’t run into them too often. Their son was turning three and invited Squidgems to his birthday party. They ended up renting a room at the Happy Baby Store next to our grocery store. Squidgems had a great time (except a brief period when he realized he didn’t get to blow out the candles on the cake, and when it was picture time).

School Christmas Party

For the first year, B’s school had a Christmas party for the international department teachers (and their families).  It was really nice.  We all got dressed up, everyone complimented the kids on how nice they looked and how well behaved they were.  The kids stuck around for the appetizers, dinner and some of the Christmas caroling before they declared boredom and requested we let them go home.  And since we were traveling over Christmas, this Friday night (Dec. 19) was our Christmas Eve (we’d done all our Christmas Eve stuff before the party) so they wanted to go home, leave Oreos out for Santa, put Squirt in bed and watch movies.

Picture coming.