China Life

 Walnut delivery bike (each basket is full of walnuts and in the center is a scale).





In China, not only is 13 bad luck, but so is 4 (so also 14).



Once spring and summer roll in, Chinese men wear these utility vests all the time. Usually they are older than this guy.


 The Xu family from church had us over for dinner and she made us homemade jiaozi! AND, she got stuck eating the mis-shapen ones I made.

 Chocolate ships at an import shop. That’s almost $7USD. I just use M&Ms or chop of candy bars when I make chocolate chip cookies.


This is not the same dog. Two dogs in red shoes.




Right down the street from us is a Chinese Uighur Muslim restaurant. The other day we bought some flat bread from them. I loved the way it looked.


A friend took his picture of a sign. We think it means “no spitting,” which would be a novel idea in China.

A desk in the lobby of B’s building. I want a school desk like this on wheels!


I see bikes like this and I can’t help but think that these were around during the Cultural Revolution.


Matchy matchy couple (and sharing carrying a bag).


 Paul Frank monkey detailed SUV.

A clear day. Further west than I normally take pictures (this section is called Shijingshan Road.) Above, toward the pagoda west of town. Below, toward Beijing, you can see the tallest building.



Buddy’s hot dog lunch from Tous le Jours


 Outside Carrefour… a French grocery store chain, the emergency fire cart. :/


Can you see the long hair growing out of his facial mole?! I’m not sure what it is, but people here seem to keep hair that I would pluck in a second.



Waiting for the train to come home from church, PS took this picture. I guess it’s a little A/C booth.