Tian’anmen Square


We’ve been in Tian’anmen Square a few times, but once was at night so the pictures aren’t great, and the other times were to see Mao’s mausoleum or to go to the museum there and I didn’t really snap a lot of pictures so I wanted to get some before we hopped back on the subway and headed home.

This first batch is all with Tian’anmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) and Mao’s portrait behind us. So we’re standing in Tian’anmen Square, with the entrance to the Forbidden City in the background of the photograph. Squidgems was very adamant about which selfies he wanted to be in and what direction I should be taking the picture.

Below, these are facing the Forbidden City, with Mao’s mausoleum and the Column of Martyrs in the photo behind us. As you can see by Squidgems’s face in the bottom picture, he did not want this selfie taken. It turned out, he wanted Mao’s photo in our photo.

I didn’t mention the guards and metal detectors, etc. that you have to pass through to get to Tian’anmen Square. Here’s Buddy leaving. You never really get used to soldiers carrying large rifles walking next to you.


Subway Entertainment

Squirt LOVES trains. And he likes the IDEA of the subway train, but it’s underground (nothing to see) and crowded so he actually hates riding. If I’m on my own with the kids, or we’ll need the stroller where we are going, I try to keep him in the stroller. Dropping PS off for Girls Camp was WAY across town so it took about an hour and a half both directions. Here are some shots of B entertaining Squirt and then Squirt taking some selfies with my phone (and then editing them himself too).