Bird’s Nest and Water Cube

2/17  line 8, Olympic Sports Center stop, exit  B1 or B2

We left the WIs and headed two subway stops south of Olympic Forest Park and got out to see the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube up close. Officially, they are named National Stadium and Beijing National Aquatics Center. These are from the 2008 Olympics.

The picture of Buddy and Little Guy on the road… that’s the road the Beijing ePrix took place on.

We bought a bubble wand for Y10 (less than $2) and played with it while we walked back toward the subway stop. Then we attracted a crowd of Chinese tourists wanting pictures of us with their kids, so we had to move on more quickly.


Badminton and Table Tennis

Moving to China, we thought the big sports would be baseball and soccer.  I’d sort of forgotten that badminton and (especially) table tennis are huge Chinese Olympic sports.  Showing up, it turns out basketball is the really big sport here.  But there is still plenty of soccer and B’s school’s gym is decked out with a room full of table tennis tables and a large room for badminton.  While PS and I were at Young Womens the other night, B took the boys to dinner, bought badminton and table tennis supplies and took the boys to check out the gym.  I’m cheating by putting pictures together from a few different days.  We’ve been back again as a family and I’ve sent the boys over on their own a few times.  They have a routine where they check the different fields and courts around campus to see if there are any open so they can go use them.  The problem with a campus where a lot of the students live on campus is that even after school is out, the school grounds aren’t empty.