Bangkok, Thailand- Day 4, Dec. 26

After all the walking and hot weather for the previous days, we decided to relax a little for our last day in Bangkok and get ready for Cambodia.  We thought about trying to get to one of the beaches nearby, but even the closest ones would take a couple hours of traveling so we decided on taking advantage of the hotel pool… except it was FREEZING water.

Since the kids only lasted in the pool for a little bit, we decided we had time for the Snake Farm and some souvenir shopping. We stopped at Mango Tango again and found Pad Thai at another restaurant.  For souvenirs, the boys each picked a little toy tuk tuk, PS chose a snow globe with a tuk tuk in it, B and I chose a statue of Ganesh and a Thailand magnet for our fridge.

I was hoping the kids (especially Little Guy) would let them drape the snake across their shoulders. They barely touched it, I’m amazed they were touching it long enough for us to capture a picture.