The Drum and Bell Towers


With three other homeschooling families (the Ws, the WIs and an Australian family, the Ss) we met at the Shichahai Station (line 8) exit A2 and explored together. Mrs. W has coupon books she bought, so each kid over 1.2 meters (everyone but Squirt) got in both towers for 15 yuan and the grown-ups got in for 17 yuan (10 yuan for the Drum Tower and 7 yuan for the Bell Tower).


The Drum Tower was first. After climbing the steep, narrow staircase, we were just in time to hear the “concert” that is supposedly only once an hour. Squirt sort of liked it, but also thought it was way too loud.



The views: we could see the tallest building in Beijing and in the other direction, the CCTV tower.





Then, across the courtyard to the Bell Tower. (With view of the Drum Tower.)


I let the kids do a silly picture (Squirt refused to be in the picture of the kids) so then I picked up Squirt for a selfie with him and the bell. I didn’t know it, but he was doing a silly picture.

Then we walked over to the Houhai Lake and Qianhai Lake areas and found a spot (with plenty of spectators to watch our group (4 moms, 14 kids) eat lunch and play.



We like when we can see down the train cars forever and ever. This only happens on certain types of train cars, and when the train is relatively empty. So… rare.

 When we got off at our subway stop, I bought the kids ice creams from McDonalds. There’s a new yellow kind that when I translate, all I come up with is “yellow.” Now we know, it’s a coffee flavor. Oh well. The kids enjoyed them.