To Sum It Up

We lived in Beijing, China from August 2014-July 2016 with just a few days of travel outside of China (5 days in Thailand and Cambodia in Dec. 2014, 5 days in Hong Kong in Dec. 2015 and Brandon on his own for a few days to the US in Feb. 2016).

Was it hard? Yes.

Was it scary? At times, yes.

Was it fun and exciting? Yes.

Would we do it again? Maybe. For the right job and the right money. And the right political situation. And the air quality… that still worries me because there’s no quick solution to that.

Will we keep learning Chinese? Brandon is still studying Chinese at the university he’s teaching at now. The kids are still working on Chinese on their own with apps and videos and mp3s and books, etc. As homeschoolers, we plan on this being their foreign language to fulfill various high school requirements (only our oldest is in high school right now) and to make them appealing as college applicants.

Am I glad we did it? Absolutely. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Living in a country is so different than visiting.

This is it. It’s been fun. I’ll come back if something changes and we move back to China!