Snow and a Dinner Party


When we left for church (7AM) it was just starting to show. When we emerged from the subway over an hour later, there was a light dusting, especially on the pedestrian bridge we use to get to the church building. During church it snowed and snowed. After church, R and J L invited our family as well as some other people from church over for lunch. The kids enjoyed watching the snow fall from their windows and we enjoyed a delicious meal and wonderful company. Afterwards, we rode the subway home and emerged back on our end of town to see what our neighborhood looked like blanketed in the most snow we’ve ever seen here in Beijing.




It’s snowed a few times, but never enough to stick even a little bit. Here’s a recent snow.  It stuck a little bit on the roofs and on the grass field.

Out our eastern sun porch, toward the north gate of campus.
Over that wall is off campus, a hotel and some sad looking apartments.
Out our south sun porch, toward the west. Behind those stadium seats is a little garden, a small parking lot and I think a little soccer or baseball field and then a street.  Those skyscrapers are apartments across that street and that is the complex where some of the other teachers live (off campus).


The air quality in Beijing in the winter is worse than the rest of the year, here are just a few pictures:

This is taken from our south sun porch towards the school’s field. That dot is the sun.
Here’s the same picture on a clear day,  12/1:
This is taken from the bridge above Yuquan Rd. and Fuxing Rd. looking over the sculpture park. 11/26