Le Cool Ice Rink (in the World Trade Center Mall)

Our friends the WAs invited us and the WIs to go ice skating with them (a week later, a smaller group went ice skating here again for Am WI’s birthday).

The littlest brothers Da WI and Squidgems (just a week apart in age) weren’t big enough from ice skating, that bottom blurry picture below is them chasing each other around a pillar.

This is the first time my kids have been ice skating since Little Guy was about two years old. And that was their first time! They ended up having a lot of fun.

Did I mention that this is also where I bought the most expensive water ever?! There was a concession stand and the kids were thirsty. I figured water would be the cheapest beverage -from newsstands here, it’s usually between 2-3 yuan (33-60 cents). We accidentally bought imported Evian water. I don’t remember the cost, but it was around 30 yuan ($5USD).